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All TOXICALL® Users:

This important email is to alert you to a problem where TOXICALL® does not always update case information in the national database. This problem is referenced as the “AutoUpload Issue”. The following link describes the problem and resolutions. There is also a simple process which will reset the scanout flag to ensure all your existing cases are submitted to the national database properly.

For details and instructions please review the AutoUpload Reset Documentation:
- Please note that we will need to create a special file to perform the reset for your center. We will also need your center to provide approval to Ciber to obtain the data necessary for this reset. Details are outlined in the documentation link.

Additionally, we have a new “live chat” link available during our business hours on our web site if you have any immediate questions. Just look for the green “live chat” button located at the bottom of your web browser when viewing our web site.

You can also view our online documentation anytime at:

Or visit our online discussion forums to obtain information about generic code releases, TOXICALL® updates and other information:
- Please be sure to register to gain full-access to the TOXICALL® Discussion Forums. You can use the “lost password” to reset your login information or “register” to create an account in the forums.
- You can also “watch” discussion forums for posts and topics to receive email notifications for updates, such as when new generic codes are released.
- Please be sure to “watch” the topics in the “News” section as we will post future TOXICALL® related updates in this area.

Please feel free to contact our support team for assistance with upgrading your version of TOXICALL® and for assistance with the AutoUpload Reset process.

Thank you for your patience and understanding for the need for this upgrade. Also keep in mind this new version addresses several new functional enhancements but does not impact the general workflow so your specialists won’t need additional training when upgrading to this version of TOXICALL®.

Best regards,
Tom Neuman
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