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toxiCALL(r) Data Analysis is our latest tool which provides extensive reporting, charting and analysis tools to your toxiCALL(r) data.

There are 5 different view options available within TDA:
1) Grid View
- Similar to the search window except you have great flexibility on which data to present. You can also export to Microsoft Excel
2) Pivot View
- Allows easy pivot style of analysis to contrast data between the columns and rows. E.g. view call types by specialist, Call Types by zip codes, age grouping by substance any many more!!! Results can be exported to Excel or PDF.
3) Graph View
- New graphical representation to quickly see your data presented in a bar chart, pie chart and many more formats! Export the results to a file or copy directly into your Word/PowerPoint document!
4) Report View
- Create your own customized report with complete layout control.
5) Mapping View
- Display geo-location information on a map based on the patient or caller zip code.

Visit the toxiCALL(r) Data Analysis section for requirements and download information

View a 10-minute demonstration of the capabilities along with an informational flyer via the links below.

Watch the TDA Demo video on YouTube

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