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CAS has released the latest zip codes table for distribution. If you are using the CAS distributed zip codes you can find instructions on how to release the zip codes through the following link:

Click here for documentation to enable release the CAS Distributed Zip Codes
- Please be sure to release the "Zip Codes" table which has a release date of 1/7/2015.

We will continue to update the zip codes every 6-months since there are typically only small changes on a monthly basis unless we receive a special request to update them sooner. This frequency is based on a poll we took at the toxiCALL(r) user group meeting in October 2014.

Additionally, if you are running toxiCALL(r) version 4.7.37 or later we have corrected the prompting issue with the zip codes. Now, when a toxiCALL(r) workstation is configured to prompt for the zip codes release the specialist will only receive a prompt asking if they want to update the zip codes until they are updated. Previously the prompt was popping up every time toxiCALL(r) was started even after the zip codes were updated.

Click here for revision history related to zip codes prompt update

If you should have any questions please feel free to email our support team.
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