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We are happy to report that the toxiCALL® team has been working with Truven Health Analytics to provide a new connectivity interface to the Internet based MICROMEDEX® / POISINDEX® solution. This effort was initially announced at the 2015 NACCT meeting in San Francisco.

Our original development plans were to release a new seamless connectivity interface in January of 2016. However, technical restrictions required by Truven Health Analytics required significant changes to our initial development approach for toxiCALL®.

In an effort to best address the new integration our development team has been working on a two-phase solution that will be released in the coming months.

Phase I:
We will release an update to an applet currently included with your toxiCALL® installation. This updated applet will require a user initiated transfer of the information to toxiCALL®. While this interaction will be minimal, it is a new step not currently experienced by your specialists.

Once available, the applet can be manually copied or distributed to each toxiCALL® workstation. This applet is compatible with toxiCALL® v4.7.20 and later providing the interface with the new Web Service version of MICROMEDEX® / POISINDEX®.
Phase II:
Our goal for phase II is to make a seamless transfer solution similar to your current toxiCALL® experience. This solution will minimize unnecessary user actions by your specialists. This update will be available in a future version of toxiCALL® which is currently in development with other toxiCALL® enhancements.

Our team has explored many development avenues for the best user experience and desktop support solution. While some vendors may implement a Web Kit solution we have found this solution to be problematic for several reasons including; potential security vulnerabilities, externally controlled upgrade requirements, and lack of user Internet browser choice. For these reasons we are implementing a fully integrated design solution in order to meet the needs of our toxiCALL® clients.

The download page can be found at the following link:
toxiCALL® / toxiTRACK® Downloads
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Thank you for your continued support of toxiCALL®
Your toxiCALL® Support Team
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Hello, happy to read this news! Looking forward to the release.
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