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Bypass Local Mode

smolinske wrote:
  • We are implementing Bypass local and have two suggestions
  • 1) automatically assign to me any quick saved cases that the current SPI quick saves
  • 2) enable ability to highlight (ctrl or shift) cases and unassign to me. We have tons of previously assigned cases that never were unassigned and have to open them one at a time and save as not assigned

Thank you for the suggestions. We have created two defects to track the review and possible implementation of these features:
1) Defect #923 - Automatically assign to me any quick saved cases
2) Defect #924 - Clear the assigned SPI from the Search Window

As an interim solution for item 2, you can use the "QA Notes" popup window while viewing cases in the search window. This is available through the View menu or pressing F8 after you have a case selected. This popup window displays the case QA Notes and historical Notes. It also has a dropdown which will allow you to clear the selected specialist. We realize this solution is more cumbersome but will at least allow you to clear the assignment without opening the full case window until the new feature is implemented.

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